It Looks Like Epic Meal Time’s “Whisky & Coke Ribs” Might Actually Be Legit

As crazy and off the wall as the Epic Meal Time YouTube channel might be I’ve always found their videos to be hilariously entertaining. While the videos are entertaining I highly doubt that anyone will be indulging in a 20,000-calorie “Bacon Arachnid” or devouring a slice of “Sushi Pizza” anytime soon. Thankfully though, the guys have introduced their new “Handle It” segment, which features (edible) recipes you can quite literally handle all by your lonesome.

If you are familiar with Epic Meal Time then you’re probably well aware that each episode usually involves liquor and beer, and lots of it. So, it’s only right that one of their latest recipes shows viewers how to make “Whisky & Coke Ribs.” I’m not much of a chef, so I haven’t tried my hand at the “Whisky & Coke Ribs,” but I have to admit that the end result does look pretty promising.

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