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Just recently, I took the most amazing trip to Negril, Jamaica with friends. Although I spent most of my time on the beach (I mean, who wouldn’t?), we had the opportunity to sample quite a few authentic meals and Lushworthy cocktails while there. So, in case you plan on taking a trip to Negril, I’ve listed my favorite places for food and/or drinks, below.

The Bar At White Sands: Oddly enough, this was our homebase for drinks since it was located on our hotel grounds, but I honestly have no idea if it had a name and what that name may have been. But that’s beyond the point…Happy Hour specials every single day! And potent, tasty drinks, which are affordable even without the Happy Hour specials. Prior to heading to Negril, my friend and I noticed that the main bartender at our hotel’s bar, Paul had a handful of less than pleasant reviews on TripAdvisor. I have to say that Paul was on point on our end. We weren’t greeted with hugs and cookies every time we visited the bar, but he was attentive and helpful. Also, as far as drinks are concerned, I highly suggest the Dirty Banana, Pina Colada, Rum Punch or a good ol’ Red Stripe.

I have to admit that while I just returned from vacation not even a month ago, the pictures of the Jamaica Inn located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica already have me green with vacation envy. It’s absolutely gorgeous and if you thought “absolutely gorgeous” couldn’t possibly be topped then think again because on top of providing you with a stunning setting, the Jamaica Inn also provides its guests with a complimentary rum cocktail everyday! How heavenly is that? Imagine how much better your day would be if it started off with a rum cocktail.

Served around 11:30 A.M. each day by longtime Jamaica Inn bartender Teddy (pictured above), the cocktails available are the Planter’s Punch and a Blended Fruit Punch. If you’ll be vacationing at the Jamaica Inn over the holidays, enjoy! And if you aren’t then be sure to whip yourself up one of the hotel’s rum cocktails using one of the recipes below and then hop on the Website for your preferred airline and book yourself a direct flight to Ocho Rios ASAP.

Planter’s Punch


1 ½ oz. Myers Rum ½ oz. Sugar Syrup ½ oz. Lime Juice

A dash Angustura Bitters