Jelly Belly & The Beeroness’ Jackie Dodd Team Up To Create Beer And Candy Tasting Menu

Nearly ever week, my social media feeds are filled with pictures or news about various beer and food tastings. Brew-centered dinners have become immensely popular down here in Atlanta and I’m sure it’s the same in a lot of other major cities. Despite the popularity of beer and food tastings, I can say that I’ve never heard of a beer and candy tasting.

The folks over at Jelly Belly, who recently released the world’s first ever beer-flavored jelly bean, apparently caught wind of this and teamed up with Jackie Dodd of to create a beer and candy tasting menu, which features various Jelly Belly goodies.

Their beer and candy tasting menu pairs candy corn with white ale, Jelly Belly Sour Neon Worms with IPAs, and more. I know what you’re thinking, “This would be a killer idea for my next get-together.” Indeed it would! You can find their full beer and candy tasting menu below.

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