Keeping Eye Contact During A Toast & The “Bad Sex For 7 Years” Myth

Late last year I attended an event at Drinkshop in the W Atlanta Downtown and I met a great group of ladies while hanging at the bar. We all ordered a round of drinks and after receiving our drinks we did a toast. Now I don’t know about you guys but when I do a toast I usually keep eye contact during the toast, but then I look at the person’s glass when we’re actually “clinking” glasses. But apparently this is a major no-no! One of the women who was with us, who happened to be from Italy, informed us that not looking someone in the eyes during a toast can lead to…[drum roll please]…seven years of bad sex! Ahhhh!! Needless to say I’m all about eye contact now.

Prior to attending the event at Drinkshop last year I had never heard about this myth, but apparently it’s pretty popular among Europeans. And according to not only do you have to maintain eye contact but you can’t cross anyone’s arm either.