21 Nov

Wow, I think I just caught a toothache watching Amber Rose’s new Smirnoff commercial. Marshmallows galore, copious amounts of whipped cream…how sweet, literally. Not quite sure how I feel about the commercial, but I am very eager to try the new Whipped Cream and Fluffed Marshmallow flavors.

8 Oct

We’ve already seen Pharrell featured in a campaign for Smirnoff and from the looks of it it sounds like model Amber Rose may be the latest celebrity to represent the brand. During an interview with Amber’s boyfriend, rapper Wiz Khalifa, was asked why Amber wasn’t at the BET Hip Hop Awards and went on to explain that his other half was taking part in a Smirnoff shoot.

“My baby’s at home. She’s doing a Smirnoff campaign this weekend. It’s like the big freakin’ shoot so she couldn’t come,” Wiz Khalifa revealed.

So what do you all think about Amber Rose becoming the latest Smirnoff spokesperson? Unlike Pharrell at least she actually drinks…I think.