25 Apr

As cringe-worthy as pig ear, cricket, and iguana tacos sound I have to admit that Dos Equis definitely gets a ton of creativity points for their Cinco de Mayo inspired “Feast Of The Brave.” As part of Dos Equis’ “Feast Of The Brave,” taco trucks will hit up six different cities in the United States from April 25th to May 5th and will dish out free tacos that will feature ingredients that are unique to that particular city.

“The Dos Equis consumer is always looking for experiences that are a bit more unconventional and interesting,” said Paul Smailes, Dos Equis Senior Brand Director. “To mark this year’s special 150th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to partner with some great local chefs and provide consumers the opportunity to test their taste-bud boundaries, and have a memorable Cinco de Mayo experience.”

On top of dining on some pretty crazy cuisine you’ll also have the opportunity to earn “bravery points” for your city. Now your city won’t actually win some uber-cool grand prize but bragging rights are pretty nice, right?

For more information on the “Feast Of The Brave” including participating cities, schedule for taco truck stops, and more head on over to the “Feast Of The Brave” Facebook page. And check out the hilarious promo video below.