Lushworthy Creations: Frozen Lemon-Lime Rum Punch (Made Using Captain Morgan)

As a spirits writer, a handful of mismatched cocktail glasses here and there doesn’t even begin to explain my glassware struggle. I’ve got about a dozen souvenir glasses and not a single, complete set of cocktail glasses in sight. For most of us, spring cleaning usually means ditching your old threads or giving your floorboards a good dusting. Despite being a vital part of the home, glassware and any other kitchenware tends to get neglected during the spring cleaning process. Hence a plethora of chipped mugs, cloudy souvenir glasses, and other maladies hidden behind closed (cabinet) doors.

With spring right around the corner, I finally chose to give my glassware a minor makeover. First off, I ditched any glassware that’s chipped, cracked, or looks like it may be older than my nine-year-old cousin. And to add a nice amount of spring flair, I purchased a set of green, Victorian tumblers from Pottery Barn. They’re a perfect size for cocktails and their spring-friendly, green hue adds a much-needed dose of colorful flair to my glassware.

Since I’ve been dying to create my own twist on the Rum Punch cocktail, the tumblers didn’t stay in my cabinets for too long. Inspired by the color of the Pottery Barn glasses, I chose to create a Frozen Lemon-Lime Rum Punch. Invitingly tart and expectedly sweet, the Frozen Lemon-Lime Rum Punch combines a variety of fruity flavors, as well as Captain Morgan White Rum, Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum, and Captain Morgan Coconut Rum.

Check out the recipe below, and for added cocktail inspiration, head to


0.5 oz Captain Morgan White Rum 0.5 oz Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum 0.5 oz Captain Morgan Coconut Rum ¾ Cup Lemonade 1 Teaspoon Fresh Lime Juice

1 Cup Ice