Lushworthy Creations: “Golden Nog” (Made Using Russian Standard Gold Vodka & Tuaca Liqueur) – LUSHWORTHY

I gotta tell ya, I was really craving egg nog earlier this evening and couldn’t possibly resist the urge to create a “Lushworthy Creation” using the holiday favorite. I knew for a fact that I wanted to use vodka, but I really really wanted to add another liquor to spice things up a bit. So for my “Golden Nog” I chose to use both Russian Standard Gold Vodka and Tuaca Liqueur as my liquors of choice. I hate to use the term “match made in heaven,” but those two liquors really were when it came to creating this drink recipe.

Now I have quite the sweet tooth so if you don’t I’d suggest switching the ingredients below to 1.5 oz Russian Standard Gold Vodka and .5 oz Tuaca Liqueur. The egg nog is already pretty sweet on it’s own and so is the Tuaca so adding less of the liqueur should do the trick. But if you aren’t bothered by the sweeter things in life then proceed with the recipe below. Enjoy!


1 oz Russian Standard Gold Vodka

1 oz Tuaca Liqueur

6 0z Egg Nog


Combine Russian Standard Gold Vodka, Tuaca Liqueur, and egg nog in a shaker. Shake ingredients and then strain into a glass mug. Garnish with nutmeg,

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