Lushworthy Creations: Whisky Sour Remix (Created Using Crown Royal Black)

I consider myself somewhat of a fan of the classic Whisky Sour cocktail, but I’m becoming less and less pleased with the sour mix that’s primarily used when making a Whisky Sour. Far too many times the sour mix is just entirely too tart. It’s almost as if the mix was made using Pixie Stix and Lemonheads. Not cool…not cool at all. So for my latest Lushworthy Creation I decided to remix the classic Whisky Sour by using Crown Royal Black and adding my own little twist to the recipe.

Instead of sour mix I opted for lemonade, Simply Lemonade of course. Lemonade is pretty similar to sour mix, but it’s way more smooth in my opinion. And to kick things up a bit more I topped the entire drink with a splash or two of Sprite. I also added both slices and cubes of lemon to make for a fun garnish. The “Whisky Sour Remix” is pretty deelish, but also quite potent so just be aware of that when downing these bad boys. Check out the ingredients and directions for this drink recipe below.


6 oz. Lemonade

2 oz. Crown Royal Black


1 Lemon (Cut in slices and cubes)


Combine lemonade and Crown Royal Black in a shaker with ice. Strain into a tall glass and top with Sprite. Add cubes and slices of lemon as your garnish.