Lushworthy News: Angry Orchard Green Apple Hits The Booze Market, Cruzan Rum Gets Peachy

Now that spring has officially sprung (please excuse my corniness), there are a ton of new alcoholic beverages hitting the market. Among those Lushworthy beverages is Angry Orchard Cider Company’s Angry Orchard Green Apple and Cruzan Peach Rum.

The new Angry Orchard Green Apple is described as boasting a “bright flavor balanced with sweet notes of honeydew melon and kiwi, with a dry, slightly tart finish.” Honeydew? Kiwi? In a cider? Yes, I’ll take all of that. Please and thank you. If you’re not afraid of a little tartness, Angry Orchard Green Apple is said to be a great choice when paired with smoked meats, sharp cheeses, and sweet desserts.

And if you prefer the peachier things in life then there’s always the new Cruzan Peach Rum. A combination of Cruzan Rum and the flavor of ripe peaches, Cruzan Peach Rum serves as yet another fruity addition to Cruzan’s line of rums, which are all made in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. And is it just me or is there something somewhat whimsical about sipping on a product that was made in paradise? Either that or I’m in desperate need of emerald waters, white sand, and strong pina coladas.

Since Cruzan Peach Rum and Angry Orchard Green Apple are newly-released, you can expect them to gradually work their way into your local liquor store this season.

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