Lushworthy News: Baileys Introduces New Baileys Chocolat Luxe, Made Using Belgian Chocolate & Irish Whiskey

Usually around this time of the year, Baileys introduces a new flavor indicative of the fall/winter season (hazelnut, cinnamon, you get the idea). But this year the brand has introduced something far more exciting. This season, Baileys will welcome the new Baileys Chocolat Luxe, a spirit made using real Belgian chocolate, Irish Whiskey, and cream. To craft such a decadent libation, Anthony Wilson, son of the creator of Baileys, traveled to three different continents to find the most ideal chocolate for Baileys Chocolate Luxe, a spirit that’s fittingly targeted to the world traveler. Talk about a sweet job (both figuratively and literally).

“Baileys was the first liqueur to fuse Irish whiskey and cream, and now Baileys Chocolat Luxe heralds a ground-breaking innovation in chocolate,” said Wilson in a statement. “For the first time, real Belgian chocolate has been fused with alcohol in a way that delivers the multi-sensory experience of chocolate in a glass. I am proud to be part of the team who brought a piece of chocolate paradise to world travellers for the very first time.”

If you have plans on traveling outside of the country this holiday season, you can find Baileys Chocolat Luxe at select duty free outlets. At least now you have a reason to visit your twice-removed cousins in Scandinavia.

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