Lushworthy News: Clos du Bois Wine Partners With Pixi For The Clos du Bois Rouge Cosmétique Kit

Is there a die-hard makeup lover in your life? And if so, do they happen to also love wine? Probably. Well, if you’re wracking your brain trying to figure out what you’d like to buy that makeup/wine lover in your life for the holidays then you may want to consider the Clos du Bois Rouge Cosmétique kit. This makeup must-have is a joint collaboration between Sonoma-based winery Clos du Bois and Pixi Beauty. The kit comes with a lip gloss, nail color, and cheek tint that are all inspired by Clos du Bois’ newest blend, Rouge. And you can find all three products in a rouge makeup bag which could easily double as a clutch for that New Year’s Eve party.

While makeup and beauty sets inspired by various wines tend to be a little pricey, the Clos du Bois Rouge Cosmétique kit boasts a pretty modest price tag at only $19.99. And for only $30 you’ll receive both the makeup kit and a bottle of Clos du Bois Rouge. Seriously guys, the latter option is a must! To purchase the Clos du Bois Rouge Cosmétique kit visit