Lushworthy News: Diageo World Class Brings Its International Bartender Program To The U.S.

If you’ve constantly been informed by patrons on just how stellar your bartending skills are then you might want to check out the Diageo World Class program now that it’s heading to the United States. Diageo World Class is described as being, “the world’s largest cocktail education program, in its 4th year and currently activated across 47 countries worldwide. World Class is a truly international celebration of the flair, creativity and skill of the bartender.”

The high point of the uber-prestigious program will take place in July when they head over to Brazil to award one talented bartender with the title of “World Class Bartender of the Year 2012.” They’ll be sending one U.S. bartender to Brazil for the chance to win that title so be sure you head over to to sign up for the program.

(P.S. The guys in the picture above, taken at the 2011 Diageo Reserve World Class in India, are clearly having the time of their lives so please do sign up as soon as you can!)