Lushworthy News: Diddy Introduces New Ciroc Amaretto

Rumors ran rampant about the introduction of Ciroc Watermelon to the line of flavors from Ciroc Vodka, but a recent Instagram post from Diddy has revealed that the newest flavor from the popular vodka line is in fact Ciroc Amaretto.

I want to stress that so far this news has not officially been confirmed by Ciroc or Diageo, but Diddy’s Instagram post does seem to be pretty legit and Twitter is already afire with posts about the newest Ciroc addition.

How do you guys feel about the introduction of Ciroc Amaretto? I was personally taken aback by the introduction of this particular flavor, especially since Ciroc is pretty well-known for their fruit-based flavors, but it does seem promising. Stay tuned for info on when Ciroc Amaretto will be made available.

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