Lushworthy News: Francois Thibault Shares His Inspiring Story In Grey Goose’s “Fly Beyond” Commercial

Last year, Grey Goose kept the party going with their lively Hotel Noir commercial, and this month the brand has chosen to switch things up a bit with their newly-released Fly Beyond commercial. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the commercial, which is part of a new ad campaign from Grey Goose, is far more subtle than last year’s chic Hotel Noir ad. It features Grey Goose creator Francois Thibault and focuses on the obstacles Monsieur Thibault was forced to overcome when he revealed his plans to create a vodka made using spring water and ” the finest soft winter wheat.”

Similar to Hotel Noir, the Fly Beyond commercial boasts some incredibly chic moments, but there’s also a great story there as well. And you gotta love an inspiring story, whether it’s from a French Cellar Master or someone who happens to be a bit more local.

“Fly Beyond is more than a campaign for us,” said Lyle Tick, senior global category director for Grey Goose vodka. “This campaign gives people something new to discover about a brand they thought they knew and helps them understand why Grey Goose does, in fact, Fly Beyond.”

Also, be on the lookout for more details on Grey Goose’s interactive Fly Beyond, Times Square billboard. The digital billboard will allow fans of the brand the opportunity to have their Grey Goose-inspired social media posts featured on the billboard.

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