Lushworthy News: Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach & Grand Marnier Cuvée 1880 To Hit Shelves This Fall

You know summer’s flying by when the first announcements made in regards to new spirits for the fall season are already being made. No complaints here though, I know firsthand that fall welcomes an array of amazing, new liquors. Among those Lushworthy, fall additions will be the newly-announced Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach and Grand Marnier Cuvée 1880, two new products from the House of Marnier Lapostolle.

Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach will serve as  the second limited edition release in the brand’s Signature Collection Series while Grand Marnier Cuvée 1880 will be released to honor the creation of Grand Marnier by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle in 1880.

“With the launch of Cuvée 1880, the House of Marnier Lapostolle is continuing its aggressive plan for innovation through new product introductions to elevate and expand the Grand Marnier brand while maintaining its rich heritage,” says Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle.  “This new prestige marque is for discerning Cognac consumers of the modern age.”

At $350 per bottle, Grand Marnier Cuvée 1880 is a little heavy on the pockets, but as a product that blends aged, premium XO Cognac with tropical orange parfum, Grand Marnier Cuvée 1880 promises to be something special. If you need to work your way up to Grand Marnier Cuvée 1880, Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach is a little less steep at $39.99 for a 750ml bottle and will likely serve as a welcoming addition to those seasonal cocktails when it’s released this September.

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