Lushworthy News: Kim Kardashian & Midori Melon Liqueur Go All Out With Their New Ad Campaign

I’m pretty sure Kim Kardashian’s been working with Midori melon liqueur for a couple of months now, but I just found out about the campaign thanks to Twitter and a commercial that I believe I first saw via a YouTube ad. But it only took a bit of Google-ing to find that Kim and Midori really are going all out for their ad campaign. There’s already several commercials, it appears that there was some exclusive Midori event, and there’s even a contest where you can enter to win a chance to hang with Kim in Miami. I have to admit that the commercials are pretty cute and although I’ve just heard about Kim and Midori working together it seems like she’ll bring a lot of new fans to the brand.

Check out one of Kim’s newer commercials with Midori below.

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