Lushworthy News: Ludacris Debuts New Conjure Cognac Commercial With Help From Actor Larenz Tate

With Ludacris’ Conjure Cognac no longer the new kid on the block, it seems that the rapper/actor is now focused on branching out even more with the brand and he’s done just that thanks to a brand new commercial directed by new-found director Larenz Tate.

“The commercial captures the essence of what Conjure is all about…lifestyle, sophistication, and an overall sense of euphoria,” said Ludacris in a statement.

Yes, the commercial is very sleek and sophisticated but at the same time so are most liquor commercials. I really like what Conjure is doing thus far as a brand, but I thought it would have been pretty cool to see an ad that breaks out of the mold of your typical liquor commercial. Hopefully, we can get something a little more unique the second go around. Also, if you’re interested in seeing a little behind the scenes footage from the video then head on over to YouTube.