Lushworthy News | – Part 6

I’ve been planning on posting a Lushworthy guide to CounterPoint for a few weeks now, but I’ve basically procrastinated my way through those few weeks. Tsk tsk, I know. So, when a friend of a friend on Facebook commented on a post on CounterPoint with the following message: “I hope they have beer!” I knew I had to get my Lushworthy guide up ASAP. The people clearly need this. So, here you have it!

Heineken House!!! – Yes! I was hoping there would be some kind of booze-sponsored lounge at Counterpoint. And here you have it. The Heineken House is described as “a multi-sensory experience, featuring a Live Art Pyramid as the core…the pyramid features 12 massive live art walls to be hand-painted over the three days at Counterpoint this spring.” They’ll be plenty of ice cold brew on deck, but no word yet on if that brew will be complimentary.

Where’s The Booze?! – So, the folks at CounterPoint have created this handy little map to show you where all the stages, eateries, the Heineken House, and of course the bars, are. The places where you can buy drinks are represented by a green mug of beer. There’s a total of five bars in the main festival area. There’s also a bar at the campgrounds area.

BYOB Or Nah? – If you’ll soon have the pleasure of camping out at CounterPoint then yes, you do get to bring your own booze. Restrictions for the campgrounds are as follows:

  • You’re allowed to bring your own personal beer, wine and liquor into the campgrounds as long as it’s for personal consumption and within reason.
  • One case of beer, a box of wine, or one liter of liquor per person.
  • No glass bottles or containers! We’d hate to take your booze from you, but we will.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older with valid ID in order to consume alcohol.

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Now that spring has officially sprung (please excuse my corniness), there are a ton of new alcoholic beverages hitting the market. Among those Lushworthy beverages is Angry Orchard Cider Company’s Angry Orchard Green Apple and Cruzan Peach Rum.

The new Angry Orchard Green Apple is described as boasting a “bright flavor balanced with sweet notes of honeydew melon and kiwi, with a dry, slightly tart finish.” Honeydew? Kiwi? In a cider? Yes, I’ll take all of that. Please and thank you. If you’re not afraid of a little tartness, Angry Orchard Green Apple is said to be a great choice when paired with smoked meats, sharp cheeses, and sweet desserts.

And if you prefer the peachier things in life then there’s always the new Cruzan Peach Rum. A combination of Cruzan Rum and the flavor of ripe peaches, Cruzan Peach Rum serves as yet another fruity addition to Cruzan’s line of rums, which are all made in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. And is it just me or is there something somewhat whimsical about sipping on a product that was made in paradise? Either that or I’m in desperate need of emerald waters, white sand, and strong pina coladas.

Since Cruzan Peach Rum and Angry Orchard Green Apple are newly-released, you can expect them to gradually work their way into your local liquor store this season.

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“Exciting” and “airline news” are two words you hardly ever see together these days. But with the announcement that Delta Air Lines will now begin serving SweetWater’s 420 Extra Pale Ale on flights between Atlanta and New York City, we now have some airline news to actually be excited about.

So, the next time you end up sitting directly in front of the most turnt up toddler in aviation history on your next flight or are about to embark on your third connecting flight in one day, just know that an ice cold can of 420 Extra Pale Ale awaits you in the friendly skies.

“Delta is a world-class organization, as well as a local neighbor, so we couldn’t be more excited about this alliance and the opportunity for SweetWater to be featured onboard,” said SweetWater Founder and Big Kahuna Freddy Bench. “Our new cans eliminate the glass restrictions that previously held us back from offering our beer in great spots like airplanes, stadiums, beaches and more. This is an exciting time for craft beer and I’m personally looking forward to enjoy a few 420s on my next trip to The Big Apple!”

SweetWater ranks among the craft beer elite here in Atlanta, so it’s pretty cool seeing a home team make such a major move. And if you happen to be traveling from New York City to Atlanta, I’d highly suggest checking out the SweetWater brewery. I had the opportunity to check it out a few weeks ago and I’m already plotting which brewery I want to visit next. Good times, great beer, and it’s also pretty informative.

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If the drawing above is any sign, then I probably won’t be winning any cocktail napkin art contests anytime soon, but I would definitely encourage all my artistic readers to check out Tuaca Liqueur’s #TuacaArt contest. All you have to do to enter the #TuacaArt contest is upload your finest napkin art to Following the close of the contest (last day to submit your art is on April 30), a panel of judges will then judge each submission based on creativity/originality and appeal. Since the contest is being held by a boozy beverage, you of course have to be 21 years of age or older to enter.

And if you didn’t already figure it out, which you probably haven’t, the picture I drew is of a martini and shot glass garden. Don’t ask…

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If you know me then you know that I’m a fan of the wacky guys featured in Southern Comfort’s “Whatever’s Comfortable” commercials. It’s been a minute since we were last introduced to one of SoCo’s whisky-drinking characters and last week that all came to an end thanks to Southern Comfort’s new “Dance” commercial. Whenever I come across one of the “Whatever’s Comfortable” commercials my brain is usually bombarded with a number of random observations, so I figured I’d actually list ‘em out this time. Here goes…

1. Is he wearing a cookie on his shirt? Seriously though, is that a paper cookie stuck to his chest? And if so, then I think I want one.

2. This song is kinda jammin’. Yep, the song’s called “Estrelar” by Marcos Valle and I will be YouTube-ing it in a matter of minutes for an impromptu jam session. Yes, a jam session quite similar to the one featured in this video.

3. Top Row, Center. You see the dance move buddy’s performing in the top row, center column around the 0:35 mark? There’s about an 82.5% chance that you’ll be performing that same exact dance move in the club two weeks from now.

4. Moves Like Jagger? Is it just me or did his dance moves become a lot more suave once he had a glass of whiskey in his hand?

5. Garnish game on lock. Southern Comfort should really consider creating drink garnishes that are actual waving flags. How epic would that be?

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I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post, but as much as I love a great cocktail, enjoying or attempting to enjoy said cocktail becomes much more of a chore when it’s paired with a mediocre meal. I mean, a cocktail prepared by one of the country’s most esteemed mixologists surely loses its luster when it’s paired with a Bic Mac and cold fries (please note that I said cold fries because there are far things greater than a fresh batch of fries from Mickey D’s).

So, I was definitely in for a pleasant surprise when I was invited to attend dinner at Atlanta restaurant Poor Calvin’s last month and enjoyed both my meal and the few cocktails I was able to sample.

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