Lushworthy News: Singer/Rapper Cee Lo Green Becomes Co-Owner Of TY KU Premium Sake & Spirits

We’ve definitely seen a lot more celebrities teaming up with spirits companies as co-owners, brand reps, etc. but I have to say that there’s something very intriguing about musician Cee Lo Green’s partnership with TY KU Premium Sake & Spirits. It’s definitely unexpected and I’m excited to see what the two cook up. I just hope it’s as unique as Cee Lo’s usually extravagant choice of clothing.

“I am incredibly excited to be a partner in TY KU, a brand that fits my personality as an artist and businessman; innovative, sophisticated, and simply incomparable,” said Cee Lo Green in a statement. “Together we are going to invite the world to break out of their ordinary and ‘Drink Extraordinary!’ with TY KU.”

TY KU features about six different products which include various sake’s as well as a citrus liqueur that’s served in an illuminated bottle. And if you’re looking to cut back on the calories this summer TY KU also offers a low calorie spirit. I have to say that the product that caught my attention immediately was the TY KU Coconut Sake. I’m a huge fan of coconut so I’m really curious as to how that flavor combination is going to work out.