Lushworthy News: SKYY Vodka Partners With L*Space For Their SKYY Vodka Bikini

The millions of women across the globe aren’t the only ones getting ready for bikini season this year, it looks like SKYY Vodka is also getting in on the summer action. The brand has partnered with L*Space swimwear to create the SKYY Vodka American Beauty Bottle. The exclusive bottle features an American flag-inspired bikini, which covers the bottles signature, blue exterior. If the bikini shown on the American Beauty Bottle has you a little envious, fret not because SKYY Vodka and L*Space have also created the SKYY Vodka Bikini. An almost exact replicate of the bikini pictured on the America Beauty Bottle, the bikini retails for $140 and can be purchased at

You can find a picture of the SKYY Vodka Bikini below.

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