Lushworthy News: Smirnoff Joins The SOPA Blackout With Their “SOPA-tini” – LUSHWORTHY

I came across this while on my Facebook page earlier today and I thought it was pretty cool. A number of Websites including Wikipedia and Craigslist have joined the SOPA Blackout today to protest a possible internet censorship bill, but I had no idea that a liquor company like Smirnoff would join in on the movement as well. They posted the picture above on their Facebook page today along with a message that read, “Let’s raise a toast to making your voice heard on SOPA and PIPA. Here’s to your right to choose Smirnoff!” So major kudos to Smirnoff for their “SOPA-tini.”

To learn more about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and to sign Google’s petition click here.