Lushworthy News: Smirnoff Taps Into Their Extravagant Side With Smirnoff Gold

10 Oct

Let’s be honest, with its extremely reasonable price point Smirnoff has been the go to vodka for many people. But to say that the brand is anywhere near luxurious would be quite the bold statement…until now. I spotted this on and I have to give Smirnoff their props for tapping into their more extravagant side with this one. And when I say extravagant I do mean just that, Smirnoff Gold features edible leaves of gold. Now if that’s not extravagant then I don’t know what else is. Another aspect I thought was pretty cool is that the vodka features a cinnamon flavor. Unfortunately, it might be a little hard to get your hands on Smirnoff Gold since the product will only be sold at select luxury travel outlets. Smirnoff Gold will retail for about $40.

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