Lushworthy News: Stolichnaya Gets “Hot” And “Sticki” With Their Newest Flavors

16 Apr

While the “Hot” and “Sticki” titles warrant a chuckle or two these are actually two flavors I can roll with. Believe it or not but as much as I’ve wanted to I’ve yet to get my hands on any type of pepper-flavored liquor so this may finally be my big chance. And on top of that the honey flavor (Stoli Sticki) sounds like it could be pretty easy on the taste buds. I’m also pretty curious as to how these flavors might taste together. You really can’t go wrong with sweet and spicy.

“The brand is thrilled to reintroduce pepper and honey flavored vodkas, Hot and Sticki™. These spirited and timeless remixes are the perfect complement to our existing premium flavored vodka portfolio,” said Val Mendeleev, CEO of SPI Group. “We hope our fans will enjoy these delicious and versatile offerings in a variety of mixed drinks.”

The prices for Stoli Hot and Stoli Sticki are as follows: 50mL ($2.49 – $2.99), 375mL ($12.99 – $15.99), 750mL (SRP $23.99), 1L (SRP $31.99),  and1.75mL (SRP $41.49). Both flavors should be available sometime this month.