Lushworthy News: SVEDKA Vodka Introduces New “Strawberry Colada” & “Orange Cream Pop” Flavors

For all you pina colada lovers out there, you probably remember hearing about SVEDKA Vodka launching their SVEDKA Colada last year. Well, it looks like the brand had some success with SVEDKA Colada because they’ve just announced the addition of two new flavors. This season, SVEDKA will welcome the addition of both Strawberry Colada and Orange Cream Pop to their growing portfolio. The Strawberry Colada flavor sounds like a definite winner, but the Orange Cream Pop might take a little getting used to and I swear it’s not because the word “pop” immediately reminds me of that Sweet Brown video.

“SVEDKA Orange Cream Pop and Strawberry Colada are a reflection of the spirit of innovation SVEDKA is known for,” says Diana Pawlik, Vice President of Marketing, SVEDKA Vodka. “The introduction of these two new flavors further expands the portfolio, extending the brand’s reach and notoriety across its diverse and engaged consumer base.”

Both flavors will hit shelves across the country on April 15th and with a selling price of only $12.99 for a 750ML bottle it couldn’t hurt to give either SVEDKA Strawberry Colada or SVEDKA Orange Cream Pop a shot.

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