Lushworthy News: The Low-Calorie Trend Breaks Into The Wine World With The Light Grape

This spring and summer expect to be bombarded by a bevy of fruity spirits that are low on the calories, and with the launch of The Light Grape that trend has now found itself a cozy, little place in the wine world. At 80 calories per serving, the newly-launched line of wines prides itself on maintaining the taste you love while providing a low-calorie product.

“While many U.S. consumers are interested in trying lower-calorie wines, skepticism about quality and taste have been the biggest obstacles to purchase,” said Accolade Wines North America Vice President of Marketing Reid Stinnett, in a statement. “With The Light Grape, we’ve found the perfect solution: flavorful wines that offer health conscious consumers a superior, low-calorie wine drinking experience.”

The Light Grape consists of four wines and they include a White Blend, Red Blend, Chardonnay, and Rose and each bottle retails for only $12. I had the opportunity to sample both the Chardonnay and Rose thanks to a package I received from The Light Grape earlier in the week and I have to say that both were pretty comparable to the average wine in that price range. So, from what I can tell you really aren’t sacrificing taste by going with this lower calorie option.

The Light Grape is currently available in certain markets in the United States, but be sure to check out their “Where To Buy” page for info on where the line of wines will be made available in the future.

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