Lushworthy News: Three Olives S’mores Becomes The Latest Questionable Addition To The Flavored Vodka Market

As much as I want to dislike Three Olives new S’mores flavor I can’t help but think of a glass of Bailey’s served with a splash of Three Olives S’mores and my hatred begins to melt like a marshmallow squished between two graham crackers. Yeah, the flavored vodka market is getting pretty crazy right about now but I strongly feel the need to give Three Olives S’mores a pass. And no this isn’t nostalgia setting in. I hated camp as a kid and the closest I’ve gotten to making s’mores was at a bar in Brooklyn. I just feel like the combination of chocolate and marshmallow flavors will make for some interesting cocktails.

And just in time for this months launch of Three Olives S’mores they’ve even put together a video showing you how to make the very simple “Campfire Martini.”