Lushworthy News: Ultimate Blast Offering 30% Off Tickets Until September 15th

After doing some “Googling” over the weekend I came across this really interesting wine/spirits event in New York City titled Ultimate Blast. And I hate to sound cheesy, but from the looks of it it seems like Ultimate Blast will be just that…an absolute blast! Can you imagine all your favorite liquor and wine brands all under one roof? Well, believe it because that’s exactly what Ultimate Blast is.

Ultimate Blast will take place on Friday, October 14th at New York City’s Marriott Marquis Hotel. For those of you who plan on attending Ultimate Blast you probably want to get your tickets now because they’re currently offering 30 percent off both VIP and regular tickets. With the 30 percent discount you can either get a VIP ticket for $122.50 or a general ticket for $87.50. For more information on Ultimate Blast and/or to purchase your ticket visit

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