Lushworthy Pics: Celebrating National Tequila Day With Herradura Tequila

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I’ve honestly never celebrated the Lushworthy holiday that is National Tequila Day. Crazy, right? Well, yesterday I finally had the opportunity to celebrate National Tequila Day during a media dinner Herradura Tequila hosted at Astor Court in the St. Regis Atlanta. Prior to dinner, those in attendance had the opportunity to sample the “Magmarita,” a sweet and spicy take on the margarita, which comes garnished with a candied pepper and was of course made using Herradura Tequila.

Prior to noshing on pecan-crusted Georgia trout, lobster mashed potatoes, and other edible delights, Herradura Tequila’s global ambassador and tequila aficionado Ruben Aceves filled us in on a number of interesting facts about the brand. Take for instance the “Herradura” name. For those of you who didn’t flunk out of your high school Spanish class, you probably already know that the word “herradura” translates to “horseshoe” in English. Well, legend has it that a horseshoe found on the hacienda grounds by Aurelio López Rosales (Herradura Tequila founder) was mistaken for gold after being seen from a distance and consequently became a symbol for good luck and the inspiration behind the Herradura Tequila name and logo.

On top of dinner and drinks, we also had the opportunity to sample various tequilas from Herradrua, including a Double Barrel Reposado and the ultra smooth Selección Suprema. Overall, it was an amazing dinner and I did manage to snag a few pictures. You can find those below.