Lushworthy Pics: Killer Mike, 8Ball, Mali Hunter & A Bottle Of Jose Cuervo Platino

Now if you know your southern Hip-Hop I don’t have to tell you about the two gentlemen in the picture above. And if you know your tequila then I don’t have to tell you that that’s a bottle of Jose Cuervo Platino resting in Killer Mike’s hand (even though I just did). And if you’re up on your music/entertainment game you should know that the young lady in the middle is none another than Malissa “Mali” Hunter (musician, Treesound Studios manager, and #Platino connoisseur).

Thanks to Mali I’ve had the opportunity to sample Jose Cuervo Platino on numerous occasions at different events here in Atlanta. For those of you in the market for a super smooth tequila you should definitely give Platino a try. And you can of course expect some Platino recipes on here in the near future.

Picture courtesy of 3LittleDigs.