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It’s not often that you get to sample a cognac created to pay homage to the founder of Hennessy, but on a surprisingly mild, winter evening in The A, I had the opportunity to do just that. Earlier this month, I received an invite to a Hennessy dinner hosted by Maurice Hennessy, 8th generation descendant to the Hennessy empire. The dinner, which took place last week, was held in honor of Daniel Graham, former NFL football player and Henny afficianado.

Prior to dinner, which was to take place inside a quaint room in historic Rhodes Hall, small bites were served and myself and those in attendance sipped on Mint Juleps made using Hennessy Privilege. This was to be the only cocktail served during the event since dinner was more of a tasting than a cocktail extravaganza.The tasting before dinner was definitely a highlight for me. I’m far from a spirits expert, but I’ve definitely learned a thing or two in the time since I started this blog, so the tasting was a welcoming (albeit boozy) educational component to the night.

During the tasting we sampled Hennessy X.O, Hennessy Pardis, and Hennessy Paradis Imperial. While Hennessy Paradis Imperial may have served as the high point during the tasting, the best was yet to come and it of course came with dessert. While noshing on bread pudding (a new favorite of mine, by the way), we all had the opportunity to sample Richard Hennessy. Now if you’re familiar with the Hennessy brand then you’re probably already drooling right now.

A creme de la creme of cognacs, Richard Hennessy was created to pay tribute to the founder of Hennessy and retails for a couple thousand dollars. Made using eaux-de-vie aged from 40 to close to 200 years, Richard Hennessy is complex, flavorful, and exciting. Yes, exciting.

Special thanks to Moet Hennessy for the invite to last week’s dinner. Also, be sure to check out a handful of pictures I managed to take during the Hennessy dinner below.

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