Lushworthy Pics: The Coolest Pics Of Newfound Cognac Connoisseurs Jay-Z & Beyonce Sipping On D’USSÉ

There aren’t many things cooler than the power couple of all power couples sipping on Bacardi’s newest cognac kid, D’USSÉ. And while you’ve likely already seen a few of these pictures floating around on the internet, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to showcase Jay-Z and Beyonce at their most Lushworthy. Despite the couple’s lowkey promotion of the new liquor, it’s still unclear what exactly Jay-Z’s involvement is with D’USSÉ, my guess would be spokesperson, but there’s definitely some kind of involvement going on there. D’USSÉ is currently only available in select markets, but the brand will hopefully up the ante once the holidays roll around.

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