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A couple of months ago I posted the recipe for a float made using Guinness and much to my delight I was finally able to try a beer float while getting some grub with a friend at Farm Burger in Decatur, Georgia. I tried the Young Chocolate Stout adult float but they also have floats that can be made using Original Sin Cider and Wells Banana Bread Beer. The cashier informed me that the Original Sin Cider is pretty popular when it comes to their adult floats, but the Young Chocolate Stout seemed like it’d be a better pairing with the ice cream so I went with that one.

Usually root beer floats become much less desirable when the ice cream’s melted, but my adult float actually got tastier once the ice cream began to melt. Instead of ice cream surrounded by beer it turned into one tasty concoction that was somewhat reminiscent of a mudslide. Now that I’ve finally gotten to try my first ever adult float I’m really looking forward to checking out the Original Sin Cider and Wells Banana Bread Beer floats. All of Farm Burger’s adult floats are available for only $6.50.

Foodie Side Note: The smoked paprika mayo at Farm Burger is amazingly amazing! It goes great on burgers and is a pretty tasty dip for onion rings and fries.

For those of you who may have taken a liking to St. Simons Island’s The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort after checking out my “Lushworthy Guide” to the resort, I’ve got great news for you! The folks over at The King & Prince were kind enough to give readers a special offer that will save you $25 per night on any room.

You have to actually call their reservations line at 1-800-342-0212 to receive this offer since it isn’t available through their online system. Just be sure to mention to the reservationist that you saw the offer on to receive $25 off per night.  Second, the offer is only available on “Royal Deal Dates.” “Royal Deal Dates” tend to be Sundays through Wednesdays. But you can either ask the reservationist what the exact “Royal Deal Dates” are or check out the reservations calendar on The King & Prince site.

And lastly, this offer is available from June 3rd to the end of August.

For Waikiki beachfront hotel Halekulani to be the birthplace of the iconic Mai Tai cocktail you know they’re serving up some tantalizing cocktails with their newest selections for summer. Halekulani will offer three different specialty cocktails this season and they are the “Cachaca Samba,” “Mango Mint Freeze” and “Charlie Chan.” You’ve got to love it when the title alone peaks your interest. All of the cocktails just mentioned (along with the Mai Tai) will be served at Halekulani’s Orchids restaurant, by their pool area, and also at their outdoor gathering spot which is cleverly titled House Without a Key. If you won’t be passing through the Halekulani anytime soon I’ve got the recipes for all three new cocktails so you can whip these up yourself.

Cachaca Samba (Pictured Above)


1 ½ ounce Cachaca

½ ounce Cedilla Acai Berry Liqueur

3 lime wedges cut in halves

½ ounce fresh lime juice

1 ounce rock candy syrup


Place the lime wedges in a mixing glass and muddle briskly with juice and rock candy syrup, then add cachaca and 1 scoop of ice and shake well.  Pour into a double old –fashioned glass (do not strain), add more ice if needed and serve with a float of Cedilla. Garnish with orchid.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful King & Prince Beach Resort located on Georgia’s St. Simons Island as part of a media visit. And the goal of my visit was to get the skinny on any and everything Lushworthy at the resort and it turned out to be quite the easy feat. From the frozen cocktails served at the oh so inviting pool area to local liquors used in the cocktails at the resorts King’s Tavern restaurant you’d be hard pressed not to get your cocktail fix at the King & Prince.

Fun (And Cocktails) In The Sun

I can honestly only think of about eight things that are better than enjoying a frozen cocktail by the beach. The King & Prince recently underwent a pricey renovation to their pool area and from the looks of it it was well worth it. The pool area features two pools and a number of beach chairs and plenty of room to lay out and get your sip on. The part of the pool area which I fell in love with was directly in front of the pools and  just above the beach area. You get an amazing view of the ocean and I even saw a few dolphins! Now on to the cocktails.

Pools in paradise, does it really get much better than that? One might think not, but with the opening of Aruba Marriott Resort’s new adults-only H2Oasis pool it’s about to. I’m gonna be really honest with you guys for a second. When I’m on vacation in some tropical country, relaxing in a pool, sipping  on a delicious cocktail do you know what really irks me? When little, five-year-old Billy throws an inflatable volleyball at my head. Definitely a mood killer. Kids are cool, but there’s certain environments where it’s nice to just be with yur fellow adults. H2Oasis is exactly that. It’s an adults-only pool where you won’t have to worry about Billy flicking a booger into your mojito. And from what I’ve heard they’re also serving up some killer cocktails. Here’s a little more information on H2Oasis:

“The new 10,000 square foot adults-only pool and lounge area offers adult guests of the Aruba Marriott Resort respite from ‘family time.’ The area features private cabanas for lounging or receiving professional massages, and supplies plentiful adult libations as well as the occasional DJ party.”

The drink recipe below is just a small sample of what you can expect at H2Oasis.