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I’ll give it to you, summer. You’re cute. With your beach-worthy weather, tropical drinks, fancy sunblocks, and other summery niceties. But I’m more of a fall gal, myself (hello boots and leggings!). With that being said, I’m definitely not in the majority. In fact, I’m sure most of the country (especially those in the North) have already found themselves dreading counting down the remaining weeks of summer. If you’ve already found yourself on the verge of a “fall freakout” then it may be time to get away to a place where the heat’s present nearly year round and the cocktails are oh so Lushworthy. I’m talking about South Beach, Miami, ladies and gents.

I had the opportunity to visit Miami earlier this year and during my stay I spent one night at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach. Although The Ritz-Carlton is smack dab in the middle of all the action on South Beach, it boasts an inviting solitude. The lobby area is dimly-lit, but still warm. A nice change from the sensory overload one can endure on Collins Ave, which the hotel rests on the corner of. And the pool area, my personal favorite, is a welcomed surprise in a city where teeny, tiny rooftop pools seem to be all the rave. The pool itself is pretty large. Large enough to where if you happen to visit at the right time you may even be able to get your Michael Phelps on without swimming directly into a middle-aged, European tourist.

Sangria on the beach! A great way to beat any upcoming fall blues.

Oh, and did I mention the plethora of beachy cocktails available at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach? We’re talking sipping sangria while beachside and later moving to frothy, frozen drinks by the pool once you start getting sand in highly unwelcomed places. While on the beach we ordered the watermelon sangria, which was very refreshing. There were about four servings in the pitcher and while the sangria was tasty I felt like I had to drink it up pretty quickly to keep from sipping on a super-diluted sangria due to all the ice placed in the pitcher.

Next up was “The Vice,” a sort of daiquiri/pina colada hybrid cocktail (pictured above). Two-in-one frozen cocktails can be kind of hit-or-miss for me, but I’ll give it to The Ritz, “The Vice” was pretty darn delicious. A minor warning though, if you plan on indulging in “The Vice” before a meal you may want to sip slowly. I made the mistake of nearly slurping down my cocktail right before I ate, so by the time our food started to arrive I felt like I inhaled at least one Chick-fil-A value meal. In conclusion, “The Vice” is hella delicious and also doubles as a meal substitute (okay, not really, but do sip in moderation).

If Lushworthy cocktails, blue waters, and luxury hotels are your thing, which face it they’re pretty much everybody’s “thing,” then it’s probably time to head on down to The Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

***A complimentary stay was provided by The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, but the thoughts in this post are fully my own.

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