Lushworthy Travel: Jamaica’s Historic Jamaica Inn Offering Up A Daily Complimentary Rum Cocktail To All Its Guests

I have to admit that while I just returned from vacation not even a month ago, the pictures of the Jamaica Inn located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica already have me green with vacation envy. It’s absolutely gorgeous and if you thought “absolutely gorgeous” couldn’t possibly be topped then think again because on top of providing you with a stunning setting, the Jamaica Inn also provides its guests with a complimentary rum cocktail everyday! How heavenly is that? Imagine how much better your day would be if it started off with a rum cocktail.

Served around 11:30 A.M. each day by longtime Jamaica Inn bartender Teddy (pictured above), the cocktails available are the Planter’s Punch and a Blended Fruit Punch. If you’ll be vacationing at the Jamaica Inn over the holidays, enjoy! And if you aren’t then be sure to whip yourself up one of the hotel’s rum cocktails using one of the recipes below and then hop on the Website for your preferred airline and book yourself a direct flight to Ocho Rios ASAP.

Planter’s Punch


1 ½ oz. Myers Rum ½ oz. Sugar Syrup ½ oz. Lime Juice

A dash Angustura Bitters


Mix together in a high ball glass.

Blended Fruit Punch


2 oz. Pineapple Juice 1 oz. Lime Juice ½ oz. Strawberry Syrup Half of Banana

Slice of Papaya


Blend all ingredients with ice.  Serve in poco grande glass.