Lushworthy Travel: One Night At Aruba’s The Sopranos Piano Bar

A couple of months ago I took a week long trip to Aruba and to be honest with you aside from constantly hitting up the pool bar during Happy Hour, I didn’t have the opportunity to take part in too many Lushworthy activities. Thankfully though, I was able to check out The Sopranos Piano Bar which is part of a chain of bars that’s well-known for featuring pianists that’ll sing just about any tune you can throw at ‘em.

“Espresso Martini” at The Sopranos Piano Bar in Aruba.

We were in Aruba during low-season so aside from myself and my two cousins there were only about 10 people in the bar and I’m pretty sure that at least seven of them were completely wasted. We grabbed a cozy, circular booth on the porch area and browsed through the drink menu while listening to pianist Steve Savage play everything from “Gangster’s Paradise” to “Margaritaville.”  I do feel like The Sopranos Piano Bar is one of those places where it’s a little more exciting when there’s more people, but Savage and his piano were pretty entertaining.

“Orange Martini” at The Sopranos Piano Bar in Aruba.

Since the Happy Hour cocktails I had been sipping on poolside at our hotel all week were a little on the weak side I opted for two different martinis while at Sopranos, the “Espresso Martini” and “Orange Martini.” The “Espresso Martini” was right up my alley thanks to a delectable combination of espresso vodka, Baileys, and Kahlua. But the “Orange Martini”, not so much. Consisting of merely vodka and orange vodka, it had quite a lot of kick to it but unfortunately lacked in flavor. I was also hoping that the menu would be a little more on the creative side although it did feature the “Tony Soprano” cocktail which is made using a combination of Amaretto and espresso vodka and is served on the rocks. All in all though there wasn’t too much offered as far as specialty cocktails are concerned Also, I didn’t see any kind of food menu so don’t expect to get your grub on while at Soprano’s. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance though. And for all you cigar aficianado’s out there Soprano’s does boast a cigar menu if you’d like to get your puff on.

On top of their Aruba location, The Sopranos Piano Bar can also be found in Amsterdam, St. Marteen, Miami, and Curacao.