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Just recently, I took the most amazing trip to Negril, Jamaica with friends. Although I spent most of my time on the beach (I mean, who wouldn’t?), we had the opportunity to sample quite a few authentic meals and Lushworthy cocktails while there. So, in case you plan on taking a trip to Negril, I’ve listed my favorite places for food and/or drinks, below.

The Bar At White Sands: Oddly enough, this was our homebase for drinks since it was located on our hotel grounds, but I honestly have no idea if it had a name and what that name may have been. But that’s beyond the point…Happy Hour specials every single day! And potent, tasty drinks, which are affordable even without the Happy Hour specials. Prior to heading to Negril, my friend and I noticed that the main bartender at our hotel’s bar, Paul had a handful of less than pleasant reviews on TripAdvisor. I have to say that Paul was on point on our end. We weren’t greeted with hugs and cookies every time we visited the bar, but he was attentive and helpful. Also, as far as drinks are concerned, I highly suggest the Dirty Banana, Pina Colada, Rum Punch or a good ol’ Red Stripe.

Cosmos: We had dinner here on our last night. It’s right on Seven Mile Beach, and in addition to Three Dives, it’s another great spot for authentic Jamaican cuisine. I had both the Curry Conch and Conch Soup. (Please excuse my mild conch obsession) For my cocktail, I ordered a Dirty Banana. Although the portion was bigger than any cocktail I had on the beach, I didn’t taste much rum. Thankfully though, most bars in Negril don’t have a problem with you asking for more rum.

Rick’s Cafe: I have to offer a quick disclaimer here, Rick’s Cafe is stunning visually, but they don’t offer much as far as cuisine. Both the food and drinks menu are underwhelming, BUT the view is on point. You’re right on the cliffs, so it makes for a perfect sunset. My advice? Turn up on a few Red Stripes, enjoy watching the divers (or take a dive yourself), listen to some live music, and just enjoy the view.

Three Dives: We stopped by Three Dives right after Rick’s Cafe and it was easily one of my favorites for food, but be prepared for a wait. And by “wait” I mean, bring a book with you and be prepared to read half of that bad boy before you’re served. We easily waited at least an hour, possibly closer to an hour and 15 minutes, but the food was worth it. I had the curry chicken and enjoyed every bite of it. Oh! And for the sake of all that is holy, please bring your bug spray. The mosquitoes at Three Dives can be vicious. (I’m honestly scratching mosquito bite remnants as I type this)

Niah’s Patties: Niah was hands down, HANDS DOWN the coolest person we met in Negril. His patties are completely handmade, all the way to the dough, and taste like absolute heaven. I had a chicken patty with the sauce he makes. It was both hearty and delicious. One of Niah’s patties, your Happy Hour cocktail of choice, and a nice spot on the beach, is the epitome of perfection.

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