Pass The Crown With Lushworthy And Crown Royal And Possibly Win An Amazing Gift (Comment To Win)

Finally, the day for Lushworthy to receive our clue for Crown Royal’s “Pass The Crown” virtual gift exchange has arrived! I added a blog post earlier in the month with details on “Pass The Crown,” but in case you weren’t able to check it out here’s the 4-1-1 on the gift exchange:

“Beginning on November 7 and ending on December 14, each day a participating blogger will be given a clue as to what their gift will be and you can either open your gift or steal a gift that another blogger has already received. Each clue will be digitally embroidered onto one of Crown Royal’s signature purple pouches…That amazing gift I’ll win whether it be an iPad or a private crown Royal Party, one of my readers will also receive.”

So as you can see from the picture above, our clue is “For popping off in style.” All I can think of as possible gifts are Pop phones, popcorn, or something related to New Year’s Eve. I’m clearly not the best when it comes to cracking clues though. For the chance to also win whatever gift I receive in the Pass The Crown gift exchange make sure you leave a comment in the comments section below. Once the exchange concludes on December 14 I’ll then choose a winner from the list of comments in this post. Also important, you have to be 21-years-old or up to enter. Gifts given out so far include Kindle Fires, iPad Minis, subscriptions to Birchbox, private cooking classes, and more. 

Be sure to keep using the #PassTheCrown hashtag as well! Every time that hashtag is used Crown Royal will send a gift bag to a soldier overseas. And don’t forget that Crown Royal is offering personalized, embroidered Crown Royal pouches for the holidays for only $9.99. To personalize your pouch head on over to

UPDATE: So I went ahead and opened my gift rather than stealing another and I received two stainless steel champagne coolers! Pretty cool, right? Unless someone steals the champagne coolers, one Lushworthy winner will receive one of the two coolers so be sure to enter in the comments section below!

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