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If you’re looking to add a little spice to your seasonal, spiked punches then look no further than Captain Morgan’s line of spiced rums. Just in time for spring, Captain Morgan Rum has rolled out a handful of punch bowl recipes that are sure to get the party started. Because that’s essentially what spiked punch bowls are all about, right? On top of being immensely delicious that is. So, break out your favorite pair of swashbuckling boots (I’m pretty sure you can find a pair at Urban Outfitters), avoid walking the plank by all means, and be sure to get your hands on a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum for use in one of the Lushworthy drink recipes below.

Port Royal Punch (Pictured Above)


2 (46 oz.) cans of pineapple juice 3 cups mango juice 1 (750 mL) bottle of Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Rum 4.5 ounces of grenadine 3 oranges sliced thinly and quartered

3 cans of Sprite for fizz

In a punch bowl or large serving vessel, add the above ingredients and stir. Serve over ice in a punch glass – or glass of your choosing.

I’m not sure about you guys, but my idea of an enjoyable New Years Eve has never consisted of being cramped in a mega-club, sipping on watered down cran and vodka’s while those new shoes you bought die a slow and arduous death at the feet of hundreds of drunken strangers. Also, the price tag of that mega-club mayhem typically starts at at least $100. So if you happen to reside in the great city of Atlanta and are looking for a more cost efficient, genuinely fun, and of course Lushworthy New Years Eve affair then I’ve come up with three ideas that’ll likely peak your interest.

Share A Punch Bowl With Friends At Lure – Fantastic drinks paired with an equally amazing dinner might just be the most ideal way to spend New Years Eve in my book and when that fantastic drink happens to be served from one of Lure’s oh so Lushworthy punch bowls then you’re in for quite the evening. Punch bowls at Lure range in price from $40 to $80 and are about as craft as they come thanks to ingredients like almond horchata, Bacardi Solera Rum, Quinta do Portal, and Benedictine. Be sure to get your NYE reservation in ASAP!

Party It Up At The Stankonia New Years Eve Party – At Stankonia you will get a crowd, but it’s far from your up-tight, faux Louboutin-sporting club crowd. And seriously, where else in Atlanta the world can you partake in a Belvedere Vodka open bar for only $45? Yes, 45 buckaroos…that’s it. On top of that open bar bargain, you’ll also be partying it up at the former recording haven of the legendary Outkast. In fact, at last years party Big Boi of Outkast even tapped into his inner bartender to serve up a few shots to attendee’s. You can purchase tickets via Xorbia.com.

Trade Bubbly For Brew At New Beers Eve – “Champagne who?” That’s precisely what you’ll likely be saying within minutes of attending the Atlanta Beer Festivals’ New Beers Eve celebration in Lil 5 Points. For only $60 ($70 day of) you’ll have the opportunity to sample 20 different beers and when you’ve had your fill of brew (if that’s even possible) you can switch over to well liquor or house wine which, on top of food, is also complimentary with your ticket purchase. Tickets to New Beers Eve can be purchased at Xorbia.com.

Punch bowls are a lot like adorable kids with eyeglasses, wide-eyed kittens and designer handbags, you just can’t help but love ’em. Especially when they’re spiked with your liquor of choice (the punch bowls, not the handbags). While punch bowls are typically reserved for at home shindigs, midtown Atlanta restaurant Lure has introduced a series of punch bowls to their drinks menu. Yes, there is now a place in Atlanta where you and your friends can actually order your own punch bowl. It really doesn’t get much cooler than that folks. The three spiked punch bowls at Lure currently include:

“Your Money, My Looks” – Aperol, Jim Beam, prosecco, honey syrup, grapefruit and rosemary.

“It’s Not Unusual” – Bacardi Solera rum, Quinta do Portal Colheita port, lemon juice, allspice.

“Pre-Siesta” – House-made almond rice horchata, honey syrup, el Jimador Blanco tequila, Benedictine, Kronan Swedish Punsch Liqueur.

I don’t know about you guys but the “Your Money, My Looks” punch bowl is really calling my name. The addition of prosecco sounds oh so refreshing and you really can’t go wrong with the combination of  bourbon whiskey and honey.

Punch bowls are available in two different sizes, one size will serve small tables of two to four people ($40) while the other will cater to larger groups of six to eight people ($80).  On top of their spiked punch bowls Lure will also be serving up house-bottled cocktails and shochu blends.