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With Discovery Channel’s Shark Week extravaganza starting in a matter of hours, I took it upon myself to create my own drinking game inspired by Shark Week. So, grab a few friends, get your hands on a bottle of your favorite booze, and enjoy! And please do remember to drink responsibly. Cheers!

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I know Shark Week hardly needs any more excitement, but come on you really can’t pass up on the chance to make a drinking game out of this week-long Discovery Channel extravaganza. Alright to take part in the Shark Week Drinking Game you’re going to need a shot glass for your shots and a cup full of the mixed drink of your choice or a beer. Most drinking games usually consist of just shots, but with some of these you’re likely to end up taking A LOT of shots so instead we’re gonna mix it up a bit with shots and sips of your mixed drink.

1. Kick off with an introductory shot dedicated to Samuel L. Jackson’s character in “Deep Blue Sea.”

2. Every time the movie “Jaws” is mentioned take a sip of your mixed drink.

3. The first person to audibly express their excitement at a shark jumping out of the water takes two shots. After that take it down to one shot.

4. Take a shot anytime you see a commercial from a company that thinks they’re Australian (i.e. Fosters, Outback Steakhouse). With a high number of sharks in Australia you’re likely to see tons of commercials from these kind of establishments.

5. Take a shot anytime they show B-roll footage of a child or children playing innocently on the beach.

6. Take a sip of your mixed drink every time you see a seal, fake seal, or group of seals.

7. Whenever someone gives advice on getting away from a shark (punching it in the nose, hitting it in the eye, etc.) take a shot.