Sip On Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry & Enjoy A Holiday Cult Classic During The Brand’s Nationwide Holiday Film Screenings

In honor of the release of Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s newest seasonal flavor, Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry, the brand and entertainment-based Website The A.V. Club will host a series of holiday film screenings beginning on November 28 in Chicago. The screenings will take place in a number of cities including Atlanta, Denver, Austin, and Brooklyn and each city will be treated to a screening of either Bad Santa or 1974′s Black Christmas. While heading to the movies is typically hard on the pockets with some movie tickets edging in on the $20 mark, tickets for Mike’s Hard Lemonade and The A.V. Club’s 21-and-up event are only $6 and as an added bonus each ticket comes with your choice of two Mike’s Hard Lemonade beverages including the new Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry. For more information on screening dates and to purchase tickets visit the A.V. Club Website.

If a screening won’t be taking place in a city near you, you can find Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry in the Mike’s Winter Grab Bag which also features Mike’s Hard Winter Blackberry and Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade. And be sure to get your hands on Mike’s newest flavor soon because it will only be available until January 2013.