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I’ll admit my headline might be a bit on the exaggerated side, but what “beef” doesn’t include a little exaggeration here and there. Even if it is only between vodka companies and not rappers. But earlier today I was on my Facebook page which happens to be littered with liquor ads, probably thanks to my numerous Lushworthy posts, and I saw this ad from Pinnacle which is a pretty obvious shot at Smirnoff and their new whipped vodka. The Pinnacle ad reads, “Pinnacle is the ORIGINAL whipped vodka. At 70 proof it kicks the pants off the 60 proof competition. Click LIKE if you agree.” Can somebody say shots fired. 

I have a personal favorite among the two, but I won’t be sharing that 😉 But I did pair both Pinnacle and Smirnoff against each other in specific categories. Check it out below.

Better Spokesperson: Smirnoff (Now this one’s an obvious no brainer especially due to the fact that Pinnacle doesn’t have a spokesperson and Smirnoff has Amber Rose.)

Most Facebook Likes: Pinnacle (Pinnacle has Smirnoff by almost 100,000 Likes. Yikes!)

In the past month or so I’m sure I’ve posted close to five drink recipes that are all made using warm apple cider. So for my next “Lushworthy Creation” I figured I’d put my own spin on the spiked apple cider recipe. I wanted to get a little daring with this one so I chose to use two different spirits: Smirnoff Whipped Cream and Conjure Cognac. As you may have guessed I was somewhat at a loss when it came to creative drink names so in the end I went with “Lush Cider” which I actually kinda like. It’s short, it’s sweet, and to the point.

I obviously chose to use an already made apple cider, but if you’re feeling a little on the creative side there’s tons of apple cider recipes online. And I’m sure a homemade apple cider would make for an even tastier drink.