St. Patrick’s Day | – Part 2

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of wow factor to your Guinness beer this St. Patrick’s Day then look no further than the Guinness Ice Cream Float. You’re already drooling right now aren’t you? It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. This drink recipe consists of no more than two ingredients, but it really is amazing. Beer and ice cream? A match made in Lush heaven? Yep, I think so.

The Guinness Ice Cream Float would make for a perfect addition to any St. Patrick’s Day Party. Be sure sure to keep it festive by adding some type of green garnish. And speaking of partying it up, Guinness still needs your help to break that Guinness World Record for biggest St. Patrick’s Day Party. All you have to do is head over to to sign their pledge form. And be sure to use the word LUSH as the optional code so they know I sent ya. I receive a dollar for every pledge that uses that LUSH optional code and it gets me a little closer to winning a trip to Ireland as well so your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Whether you celebrate with Guinness or any other beer/liquor you fancy be sure to drink responsibly this St. Patrick’s Day.


3 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream (Caramel Ice Cream if you’re feeling a bit daring.)

1 Bottle Guinness Stout


Put the ice cream in first, then add the Guinness carefully. Wait for the head to go down then fill to top. Blend if you want a milkshake

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Guinness is on a mission this St. Patrick’s Day and that is to add the title of Guinness World Record holder to their name. And the cool thing about it is they need your help to do it. So not only do you get to help Guinness reach Guinness greatness, but you get to also say that you personally had the opportunity to take part in a potential Guinness World Record event. Pretty cool, right? The title Guinness is aiming for is that of “The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.” All you have to do to partake in the celebration is first let them know that you’ll be partying it up with Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day by signing their pledge and then by celebrating St. Patrick’s Day like it’s 1763 (the year St. Patty’s Day was first celebrated in the United States).

To sign the pledge visit and also please be sure to enter the word LUSH into the “Optional Code” field so they know I sent ya. And whether you celebrate with Guinness or any other beer/liquor you fancy be sure to drink responsibly this St. Patrick’s Day.