Social Distanced Sipping: The Atlanta Bars And Restaurants I’ve Been Boozing It Up At

Woman wearing heart sunglasses drinking a cocktail.

Well, this is certainly a blog post I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be writing. As you all know, Georgia was one of the first states to open back up during the pandemic. My thoughts on that are a whole think piece and not very Lushworthy, so I’ll leave that one alone. The hospitality industry opened up in various stages: from outdoor dining to close to full capacity. I did wait it out a bit, but I eventually did venture out for a good sip and a meal. So, I want to give you all my thoughts on some of my favorites.

Also, I have to absolutely say this, if you find yourself at a bar or restaurant, don’t be an a-hole. It’s a privilege that you’re even being served in the first place, so act accordingly and tip the hell out of your server.

Two Urban Licks

Ahhh, memories. Two Urban Licks was the first restaurant I visited during the pandemic and I’ll say that it’s also the restaurant I’ve felt most safe in thus far. When you first walk in there’s a table where you check in with your reservation (reservations are also highly recommended these days FYI). Your temperature is taken and you’re also informed that masks are required as you make your way through the inside of the restaurant.

Two Urban Licks is huuuge both inside and outside, so distancing is no problem. I will say that the sun hits like a mofo if you’re not under an umbrella, so keep that in mind as we’re still battling it out with summer. While I never indulged in one, Two Urban Licks sells two of their cocktails in fun pouches (think adult Capri Suns). I’m an Old Fashioned lover, and their OF was appropriately boozy and tasty. On the food end, do not pass on their Smoked Salmon Chips.

Cocktail in rocks glass with flamed lemon wheel.
Whiskey cocktail at 12 Cocktail Bar.
12 Cocktail Bar

A speakeasy style bar that was once membership based, 12 Cocktail Bar is by far the most chic destination I’ve visited in recent months. They don’t even have a cocktail menu. It’s just that chic, my friends. Instead of ordering from a menu, you just tell one of their mixologists what you like. I’ve yet to meet a craft cocktail I didn’t enjoy, so I’m okay with being fully surprised. And Jarrett at 12 has come through every time. Continue reading

What You Sippin’ On?! – February 2020 Sips

Pretty Fly For A Mai Tai

For those of you who’ve followed Lushworthy since it launched nearly 10 years ago, you may have noticed a dramatic lack of content. Long story short, my past blog posts are in a sort of internet hosting limbo. While the idea of losing nearly a decade’s worth of content is rough, I was planning on revamping the site to make it more personal, but still boozy, so I’m not too bothered.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce “What You Sippin’ On?!”, a new series that will focus on the beer, wine, cocktails and spirits I’ve just discovered, and can personally vouch for. For February’s edition, all of the cocktails can be found at Atlanta bars and restaurants. And I’ll definitely try and highlight a few spots outside of Georgia whenever I can.

The Hilton (Cocktail) – It may be the middle of February, but The Hilton at Old Fourth Ward’s Rina is giving out heavy, beach vibes. I love a good pina colada, not the cringeworthy, pre-made ones that come out of bulky machines, so the combination of Plantation Rum, coconut, pineapple, lime and anessette The Hilton was serving gave me Lushworthy life.

Cream Weaver (Beer) – I’ve been waiting to try Three Taverns’ Cream Weaver for a minute now. And it’s just as good as I hoped! This is precisely the beer you recommend for that friend who “hates beer.” They’ll love it, trust me. My knowledge of beer is still a little meh, so here’s a description of Cream Weaver from the Three Taverns Brewery website: “A tangerine, vanilla and lactose sour ale creating a tart liquid expression of the classic orange creamsicle.” So much yum.

Big Tune (Cocktail) – I’ve been in and out of restaurants so much this month, that I’ve discovered not one, but two restaurants serving up twists on the Old Fashioned. First up is the Big Tune, which can be found at the newly-opened Rock Steady. Keeping to the restaurant’s Afro-Caribbean roots, the Big Tune is made using Havana Club Anejo, Jamaican coffee liqueur and orange bitters. The aged rum paired with the coffee liqueur flaunts a welcome richness, while the orange bitters keep this cocktail from being a little too moody.

Hand holding a cocktail in front of Japanese-inspired decor.
I Got 5 On It

I Got 5 On It (Cocktail) – Just off the Atlanta BeltLine you’ll find another tasty spin on the Old Fashioned. At Hawkers Asian Street Fare, the restaurant offers the I Got 5 On It, a Japanese whisky-based cocktail with lots of flair. In addition to Suntory whisky, there’s Angostura and orange bitters, Five-Spice simple syrup, cherry garnish and an orange twist. While I loved the I Got 5 On It cocktail, I have to give honorable mention to the shrimp curry (Po Po Lo’s Curry) and Pretty Fly For A Mai Tai cocktail. And if you order the Po Po Lo’s Curry, I recommend that you get it extra spicy. It is curry after all!

Antigal Uno Malbec (Wine) – Don’t you just love a great food and wine pairing? I was recently invited to a Galentine’s Dinner at The Shed at Glenwood, and throughout the tasting I switched between a specialty cocktail and Uno Malbec. The cocktail was legit, it was a pink lemonade-inspired marg, but the Uno Malbec paired so well with the dishes we sampled, which ranged from charcuterie to steak. The wine was so rich and buttery, and really elevated each dish.