The Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival Invades Atlanta Bringing With It Great Food & Booze

I have to admit that if you weren’t at the Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival this past weekend in Atlanta then you really missed out. I’ve never seen so much beer and bourbon in my life. And I got to sample it all or at least I tried to. The event took place on the outskirts of Atlantic Station, in the space usually reserved for outdoor events and your occasional Cirque du Soleil show. Upon entering the Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival guests were given a souvenir glass which was to be used for all the beer and bourbon tastings.

With the copious amounts of beer and bourbon present I made sure that getting some grub was the first thing on my agenda. So I copped myself a BBQ plate sans the baked beans and with extra coleslaw and was soon on my way to the good stuff. The festival consisted of about three huge tasting tents with each tent featuring various bourbon and beer brands. On top of that there were also other non-beer and bourbon brands present like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Barefoot Wine.

As I’m typing this I’m now regretting the fact that I didn’t write down the names of the various bourbon’s I sampled. But I do know that one of my personal favorites was the Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon which I’m pretty sure I sampled at least four times. It’s pretty delicious especially straight with ice. And to show you just how pertinent it is to have your brand at an event like this I was at a restaurant the Sunday after the festival and was so impressed with the Firefly Sweet Tea brand that my drink of choice was Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka on the rocks. I would have went for the bourbon, but they didn’t have that available.

I have to say that my favorite part of the Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival was the Tasting Theater which consisted of various beer, bourbon, and BBQ related seminars/tastings. I attended two, the first was a seminar on what goes into making a balanced beer and it was put on by the guys from Monday Night Brewing based right here in Atlanta and the second was a tasting conducted by Jim Beam whiskey professor Bernie Lubbers. And I have to admit that the tasting was one of the most exciting, hilarious ones I’ve ever been to. Bernie was quite the character and he suggested something that I am most definitely going to try in the near future and that is mint chocolate ice cream with a bit of Knob Creek poured on top. Yum, just yum.

Kudos to the Trigger Agency for putting on a great event. Also, here are a few more pictures I snapped while at the festival.

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