The Five Best Sips From The 2013 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival – LUSHWORTHY

After attending the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival over the weekend, when asked about the festival my first reaction was to proclaim, “I loved everything!!!” And yes, that statement would be followed by that many exclamation points. But during the festival, I was intent on finding just a handful of Lushworthy favorites to focus on. It took a minute to narrow things down, but I was able to compile a list of what I personally believe were the bet sips from the annual festival. Check it out!

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream – Just think Baileys, but with a Southern twang. I’m a big fan of cream-based liqueurs, so I was really looking forward to tasting this latest liqueur, which is based out of Tennessee. The addition of whiskey gives Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream an added (and very welcomed) kick and it’s not as sugary sweet as your typical cream liqueur.

Patron Silver Strawberry & Herbs Popsicle – Although this technically isn’t a sip, it’s spiked with Patron and it’s damn delicious so that’s enough for me. Patron’s variety of spiked popsicles came courtesy of Atlanta favorite King Of Pops.

Ultimat Vodka’s Strawberry & Basil Lemonade – Suffice it to say that fruit and herb combo’s will be big this season as far as cocktails are concerned. I’m saddened to say that it’s been awhile since I really enjoyed a vodka cocktail, but this gem from Ultimat Vodka was perfect. It was potent and despite being a strawberry lemonade-based cocktail it wasn’t overly sweet.

Avery Brewing Company’s XX India Pale Ale (Paired with a cake doughnut featuring a Campari-infused glaze) – Among the three seminars I attended during the festival was “Beer & Doughnuts” and it was definitely a favorite along with a very informative seminar on the history of the Southern cocktail. By far one of the tastiest pairings during the “Beer & Doughnuts” seminar was the hella Lushworthy Campari-infused doughnut, which was paired with an IPA from Avery Brewing Company. The combination was heavily tart, but surprisingly tasty.

Belle Meade Bourbon’s Charleston Ginger Tea – Bourbon and sweet tea are about as Southern as they come and the addition of Barritt’s Ginger Beer to this cocktail from Belle Meade Bourbon made for a refreshing treat while perusing the Tasting Tents at the festival.

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