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Each year, thousands of Atlantan’s and plenty of out-of-towners converge in Midtown Atlanta for the annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. The foodie’s come out in droves at the annual event, but as someone who’s had the opportunity to attend the festival I can tell you that there’s plenty of wine tastings, cocktail classes, and beer seminars to keep all you Lushworthy individuals more than satisfied. The May 30th kickoff for the festival is approaching fast, so I’ve gone ahead and compiled a minor cheat sheet for those of you struggling to choose what events you want to attend.

Ramos Gin Fizz – Look, you guys are afraid of gin. I get it. Gin is arguably one of the most intimidating spirits out there, but it’s time to face your fear folks. So, why not rid yourself of your gin fears and also learn how to make the New Orleans favorite, the “Ramos Gin Fizz” during this cocktail class?

Sip Down Under – Australia wine? Yes, please. During this seminar you’ll have the opportunity to sample both “world-renowned vintages” and “lesser-known, up-and-coming gems” from the land down under…mate.

Cocktails & Confections – Oh hells yes! At this cooking demonstration, Gary Crunkleton and Plinio Sandalio will teach participants how to infuse desserts with various cocktail ingredients.

Beer & Doughnuts – Paging Homer Simpson, paging Homer Simpson. This is yet another tasting seminar that combines dessert and a Lushworthy beverage. If you attend this gem, you’ll be treated to “decadent pairings of beer and doughnuts.” You’re drooling right now aren’t you?

Tasting Tents!!! – I understand that a ticket to the tasting tents at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival are 100 bucks, but I can definitely say that it’s money well worth it. You get to sample all kinds of booze and if you happen to be Lushworthy and a foodie then you’re really in luck because the food is amazing. Seriously, check it out.

For seminar dates and times, download the official Atlanta Food & Wine Festival schedule.

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