The Hip Hop Craft Beer Festival Proves That The First Time Is A Charm (Event Recap)

You know you’ve attended a great event when you’re left wondering if you’ve had too much fun. And the first annual Hip Hop Craft Beer Festival, which was put on by High Gravity Hip Hop and Ale Sharpton, really was a great event. I think everyone’s a little skeptical when it comes to an event that’s taking place for the first time, but the Hip Hop Craft Beer Festival proved that the first time can in fact be a charm. And anytime I can try a beer that tastes like champagne and ride a mechanical bull it’s pretty much a win-win situation for me.

Prior to entering the main area where the festival was being held, members of the media were able to sample Innis & Gunn and Saison Dupont. I’ve never had Innis & Gunn before, but I absolutely loved it! The rum cask was especially tasty, but at $85 per case getting your hands on it might be quite the feat.

The flyer for the Hip Hop Craft Beer Festival advertised there being 30 different brews at the event, but it really did feel like a lot more. If anything it seemed like there were at least 40 brews available. And all the brews were conveniently placed by their type, you had your darker beers on one side of the Georgia Freight Depot and the lighter beers on the other. I feel bad about adding fuel to the stereotype that women only like girly beers, but the Leinenkugel Berry Weiss and the ACE Perry Hard Cider were also favorites of mine.

My only suggestion for future Hip Hop Craft Beer Festival’s is pretty simple, more beer and more food! I left maybe about an hour or so before the festival ended and it looked like the supply of beer was already getting pretty low with some of the vendors beginning to pack up. Also, there wasn’t a whole lot of food available at the festival. I think there may have been about two vendors. So on top of adding more food vendors next year I think it’d be pretty cool if they somehow included food in the cost of a ticket to the festival. Maybe you get three food vendors tickets for an extra $10 or so.

When you think of a large crowd sampling on unlimited amounts of beer one word typically comes to mind and that is “mayhem.” But the crowd at the Hip Hop Craft Beer Festival was amazing! Everyone was chill, the vibe was great, and I’m pretty sure that everyone who attended had a great time. I can’t wait for the next festival! And shout out to host Dres Tha Beatnik and all the musical acts that provided the tunes for the evening!