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While a number of people plan on smooching it up with their boos this Valentine’s Day, fans of “The Walking Dead” will spend their V-Day in walker bliss thanks to the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead.” I’m sure the premiere will already be amazing, but if you really want to take things to the next level, check out my “The Walking Dead” drinking game. This particular drinking game involves various shots and sips, as well as one shot/sip combo (let’s hope we don’t have to drink to a character death).

If you plan on partaking in my “The Walking Dead” drinking game, be sure to drink responsibly. Cheers!

I absolutely love “The Walking Dead!” In fact, I’m watching it right now on AMC as part of “The Walking Dead” marathon before the season premiere airs on October 13. Rick just killed the somewhat psychotic prisoner with an ax (good riddance!) and now Herschel is about to regain consciousness following the whole leg being chopped off fiasco (yay!). I’m sure you’re all familiar with everything that went down in season three, so let’s talk cocktails, shall we? Captain Morgan Rum has crafted a handful of cocktails that are ideal for those of us with a love for zombies and a warm spot in our hearts for a group of survivors just trying to make it out of the zombie apocalypse in one piece (and I do mean that literally).

Check out Captain Morgan’s recipes below and cheers to another season of one of the best shows out!

The Walker (Pictured Above)


1 oz Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

½ oz Stirrings Espresso Flavored Liqueur

3 Dashes Chocolate Bitters

5 oz Cola


In an ice filled collins or rocks glass combine all the ingredients. Stir to blend.

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