Turn Your Cocktail Napkin Art Into $5,000 With Tuaca Liqueur’s #TuacaArt Contest

If the drawing above is any sign, then I probably won’t be winning any cocktail napkin art contests anytime soon, but I would definitely encourage all my artistic readers to check out Tuaca Liqueur’s #TuacaArt contest. All you have to do to enter the #TuacaArt contest is upload your finest napkin art to TuacaArt.com. Following the close of the contest (last day to submit your art is on April 30), a panel of judges will then judge each submission based on creativity/originality and appeal. Since the contest is being held by a boozy beverage, you of course have to be 21 years of age or older to enter.

And if you didn’t already figure it out, which you probably haven’t, the picture I drew is of a martini and shot glass garden. Don’t ask…

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